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Carehomes, Nursing Homes & Complex Needs


Professional award winning visits to Care Homes, Nursing Homes & all care settings with our trained staff and guinea-pigs to enable the use of fine motor skills, prompt memories with cognitive recall, encourage vocalization and provide a sensory fun experience that everyone can engage in.


We come to your setting bringing everything required, from hand-sanitizer, waterproof mats, brushes to snacks and of course lots of guinea-pigs just waiting for attention. All you need to do is enjoy our visit.


The main areas we visit are Norfolk, Surrey, Berkshire and Cambridgeshire, however our reach does go further - its always worth an enquiry if you are unsure

Common Questions

What makes Cuddly Cavies so special?

Cuddly Cavies was developed specifically to help complex needs, the elderly especially those with dementia & alzheimer. There are many ways to engage residents and often people give up if they don't see a reaction straight away. Our staff are trained to use specific techniques to get a positive response from clients. We work on the resident using their motor skills, sensory skills and memory recall. Our results speak for themselves. We have successfully continued to be able to deliver our services through the covid-19 pandemic to many care homes and continue to hold just under 100% rebooking rate

What do you charge per visit?

We base our charge on frequent visits rather than an expensive annual entertainment, which makes booking us very cost effective and available to all settings. Some of our teams do travel out of their geographical area for a slightly higher fee but generally our charges start from  £60 per visit. 

For the welfare of our animals we have a maximum travel time of one hour to a booking. 

What happens on a visit?

Each visit lasts an hour, although we don't clock watch. Usually we have 6 guinea-pigs with us but can bring more by prior arrangement. We work in lounges and room to room, bringing with us at least 1 guinea-pig specifically for bed visits. The guinea-pigs will either sit directly on laps or on tables on their mats. We use fully waterproof mats, brushes and snacks. Before handling a guinea-pig we sanitize the resident's hands and like wise afterwards.

Are you insured & registered?

Any activity with an animal that attends any setting needs to be insured and licensed. Here at Cuddly Cavies we hold all the relevant certification required, so you know that our staff are fully trained and animal welfare that is paramount, is upheld under The Animal Welfare (licensing of activities involving animals)(England) Regulations 2018Licence to keep or train animals for ExhibitionLicence Number: :23/01134/AA_EXH

Contact us

To squeak to us with your questions use the form below or give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you

Tel: 07513 592825

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